Ballot boxes look like bins, which is as good a place for your vote

A letter from Davy Wight:

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

This morning’s News Letter photo of a room full of empty polling station secure receptacles with their lids open all ready and waiting to receive our completed ballots for the Assembly election on May 5 gave me a wee, secret smile (‘Unionists should focus on scrapping protocol, not who is first minister,’ April 20, see link below).

Google failed to suggest a collective noun for wheelie bins but that’s what they rather ironically reminded me of.

Being an old cynic I concluded that whether you just trash your vote or dutifully submit it for the count, whatever the election outcome, chucking your ballot in the bin at the back door rather than bothering to make the trip to the polling station will have just as much, or just as little, effect on the the refusal of the fractious infants in the kindergarten on the Hill to deliver their manifesto promises.

Davy Wight, Carrickfergus