Closure of churches shows the shallowness of evangelicalism and the lack of interest in the public worship of God

I am both shocked and grieved at the wholesale closure of churches.

By Rev E T Kirkland
Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 11:38 am
Rather than close churches, there should be a dozen services in every building at this time
Rather than close churches, there should be a dozen services in every building at this time

Such closure exposes the shallowness of evangelicalism.

It is evident that the church has little or no interest in the public worship of God.

What God has commanded is now seen as mere lip service. The Headship of Christ is now openly denied.

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Letter to the editor

What is equally troubling is that these buildings were erected for the preaching of the gospel. That is now publicly denied.

In addition, the planned closure for months indicates the church is effectively irrelevant even to its members and adherents.

More troubling are those who within the church are demanding the closures thereby demonstrating that the vast majority of worshippers are unconverted.

Equally troubling is the future.

If the church has collapsed on this issue, then it will be no surprise that it will equally collapse under persecution.

God has tested the public professing church of Christ and it has been found wanting. Exposed as nothing more than pop-Christianity.

Also exposed is the false message of healing. All such services have been cancelled to avoid close contact! How pathetic.

Rather than close, there should be a dozen services in every building.

When I see the elderly who came through a lifetime of storms bemused at all the snowflakes whose theology is incapable of getting them to church, it is little wonder the buildings are closed.

Without a shot being fired or anyone burned at the stake, Christians in general have run away.

The backbone of the Puritans and the Covenanters, of Knox and Calvin, does not exist in the Church today.

They have all become marshmallows.

The church has been judged. It has failed.

The crown rights of the Redeemer have been tarnished.

Rev E T Kirkland, Ballyclare