Critic of shared island unit makes good points but this might be better put to a wider audience

I appreciate Samuel Morrison’s critique of what I wrote on the Shared Island initiative.
Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
Letter to the editor

(Morrison’s article can be read here: ‘There is little sign that Dublin’s shared island unit is inclusive,’ October 29).

It is also good to see retrieved from the archives Professor J.C. Beckett’s pointed remarks from way back in 1972 about the willingness of the Republic of Ireland to reform its stance towards unionists in Northern Ireland.

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I would accept many of the charges brought against Dublin, and more could be added, but might this not be a case for entering into constructive dialogue?

After all, Micheál Martin’s initiative offers a platform where the arguments might be put to a wider and a not necessarily unfriendly audience.

Prof Liam Kennedy, Belfast