Hard though the idea is to swallow, the EU single market needs protected to placate pro Europeans

A letter from Dr DR Cooper:

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Over the past five years the Irish government and the EU have behaved appallingly over Brexit, with the connivance of UK politicians including my own MP Theresa May.

Therefore like many others I find it hard to swallow the idea of helping them to protect their EU Single Market from non-compliant goods crossing the Irish land border.

However I believe it has to be done, if there is to be any chance of freeing Northern Ireland from the continuing EU grip that Boris Johnson accepted to get his trade deal.

Last night the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill had its Second Reading, and MPs should highlight the weakness of its provisions to protect the EU Single Market.

Even if the government genuinely intends to get it passed, which is doubtful, that will not happen unless the many unelected EU sympathisers in the Lords are placated.

Dr DR Cooper, Maidenhead, Berkshire