If representation is a fundamental human right, then the residents of North Belfast should demand it

As part of her ‘Brits Out’ strategy the unrepentant former bomber Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein MEP, has repeatedly demanded that the EU ensures that Northern Ireland residents, who see themselves as Irish and European, have EU representation post Brexit.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 12:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 11:17 pm
Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Recently BBC Radio Ulster Talkback debated this demand.

Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile of Sinn Fein stated that people living in the ‘North of Ireland”’who hate Brexit and see themselves as Irish and EU citizens must have MEP representation in Brussels.

He also said “it is the most fundamental human right of every citizen to have a franchise and elected representation”.

Now, this Sinn Fein driven project is interesting because residents of North Belfast are denied the ‘right to elected representation’ by abstentionist John Finucane SF MP.

This policy flies in the face of the SF demand for EU representation post Brexit for NI citizens.

The disenfranchised North Belfast citizens must urgently seek a judicial review into their lack of representation in the House of Commons.

Tom Nash, Derriaghy