Letter: IFA has serious questions to answer over nomination of Casement Park for UEFA finals

A letter from Herbert Lister:
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Letters to editor

The IFA has some serious questions to answer over the irrational nomination of a practically derelict GAA ground in west Belfast to host the UEFA finals.

Why did they not opt for the obvious choice of Windsor Park, their own ground and headquarters?

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Why did they not seek funding to bring the capacity up to meet UEFA requirements? Why did they give up a financial bonanza and hand it over to a non-football sport?

Why were the supporters disregarded and insulted by not discussing it with them?

Why did they choose a ground in an area where many supporters would feel unsafe to go to; a place that is hostile to the NI football team, and any football fans in it support the Republic of Ireland team?

What will the IFA do if Casement Park is not rebuilt? It has serious health and safety problems.

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Previous planning permission has been turned down for these reasons.

Did the IFA consider that with poor road connections and with a lack of rail services, it will be difficult to get to and come from Casement Park without causing huge traffic jams?

What compounds the unsuitability of Casement Park is that there is a complete lack of vehicle parking. In comparison to Windsor Park, Casement Park is not in the same league.

The IFA have placed their supporters in a situation where they are being lambasted as sectarian bigots for intending to boycott the finals, although they have valid non-sectarian reasons to do so. They would do the same if it was either a rugby or a hockey ground.

So implausible are the IFA actions that one wonders if there is a hidden agenda behind it.

Herbert Lister, Bangor, Co Down