Letter: London's skilled wordsmiths get ready to say the Union is safe - but without legally binding assurances, no unionist party could survive entering Stormont

A letter from ex-UUP MLA David McNarry:
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Letters to editor

Unionists and loyalists share concerns that political and societal stability is slipping into uncertainty. Not surprising when this government has no interest in unionist unrest.

Instead of recognising unionist grievances over the Windsor Framework and enabling a fair resolution, a weak-minded government fails to challenge republican protest and populism.

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In the absence of a devolved government, and with Rishi Sunak reluctant to deliver accountable direct rule government administered by the NIO, he is determined to force through full implementation of the framework.

London's skilled wordsmiths have prepared a final framework draft about which the EU, the Irish and others are aware. It is inconceivable that unionists are unsighted! Incorporated into the draft formalising the framework’s outworking is a 'written into law assurance that the Union is safe,' which targets unionist approval. This energy is directed at restoring devolution, but encased in the framework.

Can any unionist sit in government with parties hostile to the Union, determined to force alignment with the EU and holding no brief to make NI a sustainable entity? Without legally binding assurances which meet unionist conditions, no unionist party could survive entering Stormont.

David McNarry, ex Ulster Unionist MLA, Comber