Letter: Our unionist leaders have their heads buried in the sand about coming passport control at the Irish Sea border

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Letters to editor
A letter from George Johnston:

The red and green lanes plus all the associated small print are only the beginning.

How long before there is passport control on the Irish Sea border? Many of our unionist leaders must have their heads buried in the sand.

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The Irish Sea border cannot be accepted and must not be .The EU sees it as the border for their single market but more importantly it is in fact the external border for entry to the EU’s governed territory (EU laws and spec’s apply here) and because of the free movement on the island of Ireland being in NI is just like being in the EU. Just show an ID card in Dublin airport and you can fly any where in the EU.

We all know that the UK has never said no to the EU so I am sure if we accept the border now some time maybe sooner than you think the EU will want to control people movement.

George Johnston, Greyabbey, Co Down