Letter: Removal of the sea border is still an achievable objective, as is is restoring people’s rights as full UK citizens

A letter from Stevan Patterson:
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Letters to editor

After the dust has now settled on the Donaldson surrender deal, I have carefully studied the Safeguarding the Union command paper and details of the recently published legislation.

Perhaps Safeguarding the Union should be renamed: Safeguarding the European Union as it confirms EU law and the sea border will continue as it is so vital to the very survival of the EU. Of course the command paper is not binding but the legislation is and it boils down to as long as the UK government implements the sea border and not Stormont it is ok for the DUP and their co-partners in government, Sinn Fein.

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EU law and the sea border remains as not one dot or comma in the protocol and its Windsor framework has been changed.

This is evidenced by the increasingly difficult issues of securing goods from other parts of our own country.

Most companies get around not having to supplying goods to Northern Ireland because of the sea border and the extra paperwork it entails by using the postcode. When ordering products and a BT postcode is input miraculously the item is no longer in stock. Another example is of course the tree border where trees native to the British Isles can no longer be sent from GB to Northern Ireland.

And is it just me but have you noticed the large jump in insurance premiums compared to other parts of the UK? This is the internal border once again in action with a number of insurance companies no longer providing cover in Northern Ireland. Or if they do provide a quote, they inflate the price to such an extent that they hope you will try elsewhere as it is too difficult trading here.

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The removal of the sea border is still an achievable objective and so is restoring people’s rights as full and equal UK citizens.

This will not be achieved by delegating control of it the UK government, putting your head in the sand and trying to deny it still exists.

Stevan Patterson, Castlederg