Letter: The message of Easter is self-evidently true and the media try to cover it up perhaps out of fear of the truth

A letter from James Hardy:
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A letter from Rev Paul Burns ('BBC helps us forget why we mark Easter', April 10, see link below) is excessively pessimistic. There are estimated to be around two billion or more Christians, in spite of venomous cruelty or persecution in many countries, not to mention persistent attacks on the Bible by the media in Western nations. Those who try to suppress self-evident truths can apply lies and distortion for decades, but the truth always has this habit of leaking out when it is least expected. 'Soulinformation.org' charts safeguarding lapses in the Anglican Church, including one Wimbledon evangelical Church where up to 27 adults appear to have come to harm.

Troubles related truth is leaking out by degrees and will continue to do so. That's why we should never give up listening to the wisdom of Kenny Donaldson from SEFF (April 14, see link below) and sharing items which he has written in the News Letter or other media sites and publications. The message of Easter is self-evidently true and the degree to which the media try to cover it up is possibly a marker of their fear of the truth putting in an appearance: which it inevitably does anyway. The reality of Isaiah 53 is unmissable.

James Hardy, Belfast BT5

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