Letter: The Orange Order is sitting on the fence over the Irish Sea border

A letter from John Mulholland:
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Letters to editor

It must be very disappointing for many Orange Order members to see their leaders sitting on the fence when it comes to the border in the Irish Sea.

It seems plain to anyone that the border still exists and we are under foreign laws that we cannot change. It makes you wonder if they are keeping some DUP members sweet.

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I realise this could split the Orange Order but even so, it should stand by the truth that the border remains, as was confirmed by a top law expert.

There is little doubt that many DUP politicians do not want to spoil their chances of getting appointed into important positions, like the House of Lords or even receiving an honour from the king.

The lure of power and honours seems to have gone to some DUP heads, as their judgement seems to have been confused, by going back to Stormont to implement the building of the border in the Irish Sea.

Unionism is pulling itself apart and unity looks more unlikely by the day, as first the Ulster Unionist Party and then the DUP broke ranks and reneged on the Ulster Day pledges.

John Mulholland, Doagh