Letter: There is no need to be concerned by the fact that the average age of Christians is so high

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Letters to editor
A letter from Dr Gerald Morgan:

The average age of Christians climbs above 50 (January 31).

I would not myself be much bothered by such a finding.

I was seldom much impressed by the independence of mind of my students when teaching them Chaucer (England's greatest poet).

If philosophical issues of any difficulty came up I presented them with the views of Aristotle and Aquinas.

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Usually they were all in agreement in error. I would always back Aristotle or Aquinas against my students when they were united in a common opinion.

The young are immature. They have seldom given these profound matters the thought that is required.

Often they are ignorant, confused in mind and opinionated. I have often thought that they were worse than our sheep in the Forest of Dean.

They are young. Let them enjoy their young lives provided they do not propose to think on my behalf (I am now 80). And provided they do not presume to tell me what to think.

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I have hopes that even the Church of England will survive, although with Charles III as Supreme Governor we have to admit that there is an element of risk.

But then the Church of England survived the reign of the misogynistic and crypto-Roman Catholic Henry VIII.

Dr Gerald Morgan, Dublin