Letter: UK government deserves to be sued by Ireland, having failed to stand up to their bullying and their unhelpfulness when it comes to the IRA

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Letters to editor
A letter from John Mulholland:

So the free loaders of the Republic are taking the UK to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

In many ways the UK government deserve this, as they have failed to stand up to the bullying and unhelpfulness of the Republic when it comes to the IRA.

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It is breathtaking hypocrisy from a country who harboured terrorists and refused to extradite criminals wanted for the most heinous crimes against humanity, not to mention the belief that they colluded with the IRA.

They have dragged their heels in releasing information about Kingsmill and failed to stop terrorist acts committed from their jurisdiction.

An end to the one-sided legacy in Northern Ireland is long overdue.

It needs to be replaced with something that brings the real perpetrators of the murder and maiming of men, women and children before the courts.

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It is time for the UK to kick the ECHR into touch, along with the Republic of Ireland, who have the brass neck to take the UK to a toothless court of foreign judges.

When are the British going to learn? They already allow Irish citizens to freely travel and settle throughout the UK.

Compromising with an anti-British state and not putting pressure on them to come clean about their role in the Troubles has been thrown back in their faces.

Maybe now they will realise that giving them the protocol (Windsor Agreement) is absolute futility! Hopefully, this latest anti British act by the Republic, will be the start of the fight back.

John Mulholland, Doagh