Letter: With or without the Irish Sea border, a return to Stormont is a defeat for unionism

A letter from Richard Ferguson:
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Letters to editor

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson in his somewhat contradictory and illogical letter (The News Letter might concede defeat but we in the DUP will not do so, November 2) extols the virtues of a return to Stormont.

It would seem reasonable then to ask, if Stormont is as critical to the maintenance of the Union as Sir Jeffrey would have us believe, why did he ever pull out, and why does he continue to damage the Union by staying out?

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That aside, the very argument that a return to Stormont is in the best interests of unionism betrays the foolishness that characterises DUP thinking.

Let’s not forget that the Stormont Sir Jeffrey desires to return to would be headed by IRA/SF - an organisation whose purpose is to destroy NI’s place in the Union - and would have a majority of MLAs in favour of a united Ireland. An assembly so left wing and liberal in its makeup that the laws imposed by Westminster (abortion, marriage, RSE) would have been passed by the assembly anyway. Not to mention the squander and financial mismanagement that has accompanied every Stormont administration.

With or without the Irish Sea border, a return to Stormont is most certainly a defeat for unionism.

Richard Ferguson, Dollingstown