Letter: World politics is in a state of flux and we’re desperately in need of great leaders

A letter from Clive Maxwell:
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Letters to editor

Democratic politics in Europe and North America is in a state of flux and in choosing leaders we are not spoilt for choice.

I can’t think of one leader who is inspirational and commands respect. Most are weak or lack courage.

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They cater for an electorate cosseted, apathetic, and politically lazy.

The left leaning media panders to this inertia and thinks for them.

Those on the conservative right are painted into a corner, labelled extreme, and bullied.

They are forced to ‘take the knee’ and submit to the mob.

This is not happening by chance, it’s orchestrated by the money and the muscle of the globalists.

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It’s fascism by another name, on the surface more reasonable, but more dangerous.

Most weigh up their options and run with the herd, sidelined, the others are trampled and brushed aside.

If history teaches nothing else, it flags up ‘human nature never changes’.

People don’t always do what’s right, they do what is expedient.

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They choose the easy option and the road of least resistance, and dress it up to seem virtuous.

Neo fascism is on the rise and looks reasonable. How long before it drops its mask and shows its ugly face?

North America and Europe were shaped by Judeo Christian principles that are now being stripped by a world gone mad, and a warped hysteria for change.

Britain is a prime example of this.

Once the home of political giants it has been cut down to size, extras, filling in on a world stage they used to dominate.

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The two main parties are lost, and Scotland, gone woke, is a laughing stock.

Not to be left out, unionists in Ulster cast adrift by Britain are desperately clinging to the lifeboats.

You can see the whites of our knuckles, and Britain is breaking our fingers trying to prise us off.

The Irish Republic, bolstered by European money, is prepared to take us in on their terms and provide us with cheap accommodation.

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Democratic politics is failing, and that is frightening. When that happens, as in Germany in the nineteen thirties, a solution is imposed, and people welcome it. We need to be careful where this is leading.

Those who refused to submit were sent to the camps, and that extended to Jew baiting.

This led to a very nasty cult of antisemitism in some of the churches.

Misguided by the same flaw that marred the Reformation, they abandoned the Jews to their fate.

If you really think about it, give it a try, you would realise nothing has changed. We’re travelling the same road.

Clive Maxwell, Bleary