Rural voters will not reward those who demonise us

A letter from Gary McCartney:

By Gary McCartney
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 6:07 pm
Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Assembly elections are fast approaching and it is important our countryside is not forgotten when candidates take to the campaign trail.

The Countryside Alliance has produced its manifesto titled, ‘Championing our countryside’ which sets out a vision for the future.

Rural Northern Ireland is an interwoven tapestry of cultural, economic, environmental and community issues.

A threat to any one aspect could lead to the unravelling of the whole.

Promoting and protecting our rural communities will be important for the next Assembly, especially now we have to adapt to the Protocol as a result of Brexit and as we recover from the devastation caused by Covid-19.

We are urging candidates to show their support for the rural community by pledging to address the real issues facing us: lack of public transport, housing, poor broadband and tackling rural crime, while guaranteeing their support for the rural way of life in all the forms it takes.

From farming to field sports and countryside management.

The rural community will not reward those seeking to demonise their way of life in a bid to win votes among an urban base.

Gary McCartney, Director of Countryside Alliance Ireland, Armagh

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