The plan to fly illegal immigrants to Rwanda for processing makes a lot of sense

A letter from John Mulholland:
Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Like many unionists in Northern Ireland, the present Tory government does not fill me with a lot of confidence.

Their recent plan to fly illegal immigrants to Rwanda has been met with a lot of criticism from different quarters — even politicians from Northern Ireland. But for the government to do nothing was not an option, as illegal immigrants continue to arrive in their tens of thousands.

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The government is struggling to control the people traffickers who continue to make a lot of money through this immorality. It seems the UK is the place of choice with other EU countries seemingly doing little to deter this criminal activity. The government continues to use hotels, even in Northern Ireland, to house many of these people.

It is unsustainable for all these migrants, the vast majority of whom are young men, to be kept in the UK. It makes a lot of sense to process them off-shore in another country to deter traffickers and to discourage illegal immigration. It is important these people are processed to determine who they are. Some have committed crime.

It also may stop so-called human rights lawyers making a fortune out of the public purse. Champagne socialists will object to this initiative, but the people who will be affected by uncontrolled immigration are the poorest in society who depend on the NHS, social housing, low paid jobs etc.

John Mulholland, Doagh