McGuinness will not be implicated over alleged activities

While East Londonderry DUP MP Gregory Campbell has complained to the Police Ombudsman about what he alleges is a PSNI failure to act over the IRA activity of Deputy First Minister over matters linked to the period surrounding 'Bloody Sunday,' many unionists will find themselves reluctantly in agreement with the comments of Sinn/Fein MLA Raymond McCartney when he states that 'Mr Campbell's latest outburst is indicative of him striving to make himself relevant from his retirement home at Westminster'.

Does Gregory Campbell seriously believe that the British government will allow all the time they invested in getting the DUP and Sinn/Fein to share power in government to be jeopardised with Martin McGuinness being implicated in any activity relating to “Bloody Sunday” and more to the point what would be the view of his DUP MLAs at Stormont if the institutions collapsed as a result of this?

This of course will not happen and unionists should consider the actions of the British government over the period from 1987 until 1992 when they unleashed the SAS into the IRAs East Tyrone Brigade killing 20 of their hardened terrorists, eight in Loughgall in 1987, three in Drumnakilly in 1988, two again in Loughgall in 1990, three in Coagh 1991 and four in Clonoe in 1992.

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This was done as they knew that these members would never have supported the republican movement having a “Peace process” let alone forming a government at Stormont.

Why was no other IRA brigade routed in such a fashion?

The role Prime Minister Tony Blair had in persuading Dr Ian Paisley and the DUP to enter Government with Sinn Fein as a result of the St Andrews Agreement was much easier.

While Gregory Campbell may well be an eternal optimist he has a better chance of seeing “Pigs flying” over the Houses of Parliament than Martin McGuinness being implicated over his alleged activities on “Bloody Sunday”.

Walter Millar, TUV Cookstown