Our politicians must do the business or we’ll not forgive

I’m looking out on cherry blossom floating around my front garden. In little pots on a table beside me I’m growing sweet-pea to plant out this weekend.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2022, 12:00 am
Updated Friday, 6th May 2022, 5:22 pm
Sandra Chapman says politicians have a big responsibility to do what the say they will on their election literature
Sandra Chapman says politicians have a big responsibility to do what the say they will on their election literature

I saw the first shells of this year’s crop of baby birds lying at the gate and primroses are thriving trying to out-do the remains of the daffodils which have hung around for longer than usual. No doubt the warmer weather has played its part.

And all this splendour of nature would be fascinating to study – as it is every year – except this week an election took priority and distractions were everywhere.

Now, at the time of writing I don’t know who got voted in but I’ll be glad to see the back of Michelle O’Neill in pink suit and carefully coiffured blonde hair smiling into babies’ prams whilst Sir Jeffery Donaldson in various shades of grey declaring his party is ‘much more united’ had me thinking that unity may be everything in politics but if the whole shebang from all parties are ‘united’ why are we `fighting’ an election at all?

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Couldn’t they all just take part in a toss-up for the most comfortable seat up at Stormont and just get on with the business we want them to conduct on our behalf?

I know it’s not that simple but surely it is us the voters dictating what we want not the politicians telling us what they think is good for us and the country?

Sir Jeffery says DUP core values remain but it is ‘also a party that has ideas and a vision for Northern Ireland’ while Michelle wants rid of the border between north and south.

We’ve done the voting so this weekend there could be lots of celebrations such as dancing in the streets.

I would settle for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, the crumbs of which I would leave out for those baby birds.

What a disparate world they’ve been born into.

My politics are very simple. I really don’t want the Protocol – nor do most unionists I believe - and I wish politicians would try to sort out the NHS which is crumbling before us despite all the taxes we pay, some of which goes to health.

I would like sectarian songs outlawed and public sector workers relieved of the big effort home-working seems to have become for them. Have you tried renewing your passport recently?

Mine is due for renewal soon but I hear lots of workers in this sector work from home and seem to be very busy with other things.

Getting an appointment with your GP has also become a nightmare for many people. It will be interesting to see how Sir Jeffrey and Michelle sort that mess out. If they can’t they can forget about standing for election next time round.

In recent times I have had a lot to thank the NHS for but at times it was difficult, frustrating and I have been found crying into my tea.

And then there is the horror that is Ukraine. Our troubles are not a patch on that ongoing nightmare all because the world has let a tyrant, the like of which probably hasn’t been seen since World War 11, develop.

Hitler was evil personified, Putin is getting there.

Only when the rest of the world stops buying his oil and gas and he can’t afford to buy himself out of trouble will he get the message.

He could of course go nuclear – he threatens enough – making our political battles seem like child’s play. Surely that is reason enough for our politicians here from all parties to make a plan in case we have to deal with the collective evil which is brewing out there.

If Putin gets his way unionists and nationalists won’t have time to worry about orange and green parades or the Protocol so busy will they be trying to keep the country together.

So, yes it has been a strange week, Elections are exciting but also worrisome. Politicians have a big responsibility to do what they say they will on their election literature and not faff about trying to level up old scores.