Protestant churches are in a slumber over abortion horror

A seven and a half week embryo. Image taken from The Endowment for Human Development as linked to from the website
A seven and a half week embryo. Image taken from The Endowment for Human Development as linked to from the website
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Liam Gibson of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) does Northern Ireland people a great service by sounding an alarm bell (‘We fear abortion up to term is on NI’s horizon,’ September 20) about the proposal to decriminalise abortion.

If more church workers and members in Northern Ireland signed up to receive SPUC mailings by post (or electronically) that would be an incredibly positive step.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

It would be incredibly positive if church workers and members followed the work of ministries like ‘BREPHOS’ and the bioethics campaign group ‘Abort67’.

The late Dr B N Nathanson was once a leading abortion activist in the USA.

He is cited as having “presided over 60 000 deaths” during his tenure as lead physician at a New York abortion clinic.

Looking at ultrasound images of the unborn in his clinic he started to see the innate humanity of the unborn.

He eventually ceased doing abortions and in time became a leading pro-life activist.

Some of his work remains of importance to the pro-life movement (‘The Silent Scream’, ‘Aborting America’, ‘The Hand of God’).

Dr Nathanson famously said that “fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows”.

While church tradition and biblical revelation are important in this debate, we should never lose sight of the fact that science and the internet are two of the pro-life movement’s greatest allies.

The evidence of science in isolation asserts the humanity of the unborn.

Can any reasonable person view the 7-8 week gestation image on the Abort67 website and not have their conscience pricked, or come to the conclusion that on demand abortion is morally indefensible?

Dr B N Nathanson suggested that vilifying the Catholic Church was a tactic used at times by abortion campaigners in the years before legalisation of abortion in the USA (1973 Roe vs Wade).

The CNA (Catholic News Agency) has a useful article (‘An Ex-Abortionist speaks’) on Dr Nathanson’.

In reality the American laws protecting the unborn had been framed in an earlier era when America was deeply influenced by puritan or Protestant values.

Science and the internet are the greatest allies of the modern pro-life movement.

It would be a tremendously positive step if mainstream Protestant churches shook off their slumber in regard to abortion.

Church websites, magazines, and leaders need to challenge the abortion industry and its media allies much more forcefully.

After 8,000,000 to 9,000,000 abortions in the UK the silence from the pulpit is deafening.

Why do we hear so few sermons in evangelical churches addressing the greatest moral crisis in modern Britain?

An outsider might imagine that fornication, divorce, or remarriage is often presented as a greater sin than the killing of innocent unborn humans?

James Hardy, Retired doctor, Belfast, BT5