PSNI no more to blame over SF than the DUP

Gregory Campbell (September 11) has once again exposed the hypocrisy of his party.

On the one hand Mr Campbell and his party complain about the failure of the PSNI to question Martin McGuinness about his terrorist activity on what is known as Bloody Sunday but yet on the other hand Mr Campbell and his party are quite content to remain in a cosy power sharing alliance with the very same Martin McGuinness at the top of government in Northern Ireland.

The same Martin McGuinness whom the Saville Report concluded was “probably” armed with a sub machine gun.

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This though is only a very small glimpse into the terrorist past of Mr McGuinness.

Multiple government and security sources on both sides of the border have identified Mr McGuinness as a long standing member of the IRA army council and indeed the man responsible for directing much of the IRA campaign of terror and murder.

That the PSNI should fail to question a man of such character is a shameful neglect of duty but no less shameful than the decision of Gregory Campbell and the DUP to sustain such a man at the heart of government in NI.

The real question which Gregory Campbell and the DUP need to ask is not concerning the failure of the PSNI to investigate McGuinness and his IRA past but rather why he and his party remain in political affinity with the terrorists of IRA/SF.

Richard Ferguson, Dollingstown