Rev Ivan Foster: There is no difference in the two quotes I gave

They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

In Mr John McFarland Campbell’s case (‘Letters’ August 11th) it leads on to false accusations and smugness.

The quotation I gave is taken from the ‘Church Society’ website, a Church of England linked society, where not only are the Articles quoted as they first appeared in 1662 but also a rendition in modern English.

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The phrase ‘a fond thing, vainly invented’ is rendered by the society’s modern version as ‘a futile thing, foolishly conceived.’

Mr John McFarland Campbel may not have noticed that there is no difference in the meaning of the two renditions, merely a replacing of old adjectives with more modern ones.

In both, it is stated that Rome’s doctrines referred to in Article 22 are not of God but are of the devil, the inventor of false doctrine.

It is rather satisfying that this ‘nit-picker’ had only this ‘fond thing, vainly invented’ to complain about!

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As to why I am not an Anglican, the answer is simple. I would not belong to a denomination that has repudiated its own creed, questions the authority of the Bible, seeks reunion with Roman Catholicism, tolerates sodomy within its ranks and places women in roles God ordained for men.

I might also say that I reject the Anglican doctrine of Church government and believe that the New Testament Church was one governed by Elders or Presbyters and deacons.

Ivan Foster, Co Tyrone

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