Sammy Wilson: Every vote is needed to stop the apologists for terrorism

Michelle O'Neill of Sinn Fein at a commemoration of IRA terrorists killed at Loughgall in 1987
Michelle O'Neill of Sinn Fein at a commemoration of IRA terrorists killed at Loughgall in 1987

As the appalling horror of the Islamic Terror attack on children attending a pop concert in Manchester unfolds and the heart rending cries of the parents who lost children are played over the airwaves only the coldest hearted individual could not be moved by the anguish and hurt which has been caused by an evil man in pursuit of a political ideal.

Yet there are those who have praised him and supported his actions.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

This is not the first time the area has been visited by child killers in the name of a political idealogy because of course the IRA did the same when it planted bombs in nearby Warrington killing innocent children in the process.

Ever since then Sinn Fein have been trying to rewrite the history of their bloody campaign to justify such acts, bury them or pass the blame unto others.

Their recent success in the Assembly elections has emboldened them in their demands to force the British government to assist that process through dragging policemen and soldiers through the courts, releasing classified documents and making money available to their lawyers to pore over those documents to find some statements which they will then use to divert attention from the blood stained history of the real culprits who caused decades of misery and death in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

That is why this election is so important.

It gives unionists a chance to break the back of Sinn Fein’s campaign to use its argument that it has an electoral mandate for its mendacious campaign to wash away the bloody history of its terror organisation.

Those unionists who may be indifferent about the politics of Westminster should consider the effect of their decision not to vote on the standing which it will give Sinn Fein after the election.

We have already witnessed its Sinn Fein’s arrogance since it nearly became the largest party at the Assembly elections imagine the triumphalism of Michelle O’Neill and her puppet master Gerry Adams if because of unionist indifference they succeeded in achieving in their goal of becoming the biggest party in this election.

It would be a scandal if the party which refused to condemn the gunning down of people praying in church, workers being driven home from their work, the incineration of people at a dinner in a hotel, the strapping of a Roman Catholic contractor into a human bomb and all of the other horrors which their terror wing visited on Northern Ireland were allowed to obtain political leverage to demand that their deeds be whitewashed from history.

That is why every vote against them is important.

Sammy Wilson, DUP, East Antrim