Sammy Wilson: The lies of the Europhiles

Every day new evidence comes to light which exposes the lies spread by the pro Europe propagandists during and since the EU referendum vote.

Contrary to their claim our economy grew in the run up to the referendum and is set to grow faster than any EU economy over the next year.

Interest rates have not risen as predicted and the Bank of England has indicated that if anything they might fall further. There has been no draconian emergency budget introduced at Westminster indeed sensibly the new PM has indicated that she favours a budget which gives modest expansion to the infrastructure spending in the economy.

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The stock market both for the major and smaller companies has risen to higher than it was a year ago. The downward adjustment in the pound which was long overdue has helped exporters and our tourist industry.

Major new investment in the UK economy including NI has been announced every week. Every aspect of their scaremongering case has been rubbished by events.

The doom mongers will not give up. They cannot admit that the people rejected their flawed case. Only this week the CBI in NI were at it again. Their inability to admit they got it wrong during the referendum seems to be driving them to refight their case by making claims that their predictions will come true at some time in the future.

These failures would be better to swallow their pride and start talking the economy of NI up accept that we are leaving the EU and look to the changes which we require to ensure the best exit deal is achieved.

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That will be our aim in the future. We have a PM who has promised to listen to the views from NI we are gradually seeing the politicians in the EU accepting that they need good relations with their biggest trading partner and the country which after the USA is the biggest contributor to the security of Europe.

The Europhiles need to take advantage of the new reality and stop trying to shamelessly justify their wild claims of the past or undemocratically try to undo the result of the referendum.

Sammy Wilson, DUP MP, East Antrim