Tactical voting could challenge SF abstentionism

Sinn Fein's four abstentionist MPs run their constituencies at Westminster like absentee landlords.

They say there is no point taking their seats because of small numbers of MPs on the green benches during some debates and that their votes will make little difference.

None of this stops Sinn Fein’s four MEPs from sitting in the 751 seat European Parliament where they love to have their four votes counted and where recently Martina Anderson screeched to a near empty chamber where Theresa May could stick her border.

If MP attendance and votes were the criteria to operate parliaments across the world they would all be shut including the Dáil where again Sinn Fein are happy to sit.

Clearly Sinn Fein are peddling red herrings. The only reason they don’t take seats at Westminster is because they won’t take an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

Sinn Fein cynically preach about respect and equality, well they should show respect to the electorate by representing voters equally at Westminster.

This abstentionism could be challenged if nationalist and unionist voters who want proper representation vote tactically for a compromise candidate in Westminster constituencies threatened by Sinn Fein abstentionism.

If this means cross community tactical voting then so be it.

Thomas Stewart, Belfast BT4