Thank you to NHS NI for your care of me when I had to go hospital

When visiting from England I had occasion to call upon the services of the NHS emergency services.

From my first call to the out of hours emergency services on Saturday morning, where I was assessed by the ‘on call doctor’, through to my release from the Royal Victoria hospital later that day I cannot thank you enough for your prompt, efficient and caring support.

The doctor rang three times to update me on the procedure he had set in progress, including asking my permission to request the hotel where I was staying to have someone sit in my room with me until the paramedics arrived; before he’d finished asking the question the ambulance and the paramedics had arrived and their immediate calming, caring and efficient treatment through to my transfer to the Royal Victoria hospital was remarkable.

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When in the hospital, I felt safe and cared for in an oasis of calm amongst their busy lives looking after patients much more seriously unwell than me.

A wee tongue in cheek note of the only blip on the landscape was the semi inanimate object of the computer system where I was ‘up on the screen with all your details’ at the start of the day but an hour or so later when admitted to the Royal Victoria, I’d disappeared without trace and never emerged as existing.

Happily I do exist and thank you very, very much NHS Northern Ireland.

Ann Taylor,Nottinghamshire