The one-sided approach to the past

The one-sided inquiries into the past needs to be called to a halt.
The Scales of JusticeThe Scales of Justice
The Scales of Justice

It seems that the latest push for legacy inquests into cases of alleged collusion to go forward with priority over other inquiries shows the unbalanced attitude that exists.

It is plain to see that the appetite or ability of the law to bring to justice many of the IRA terrorists who savagely murdered the innocent is non-existent.

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The OTR letters and Royal pardons handed out to these terrorists, no matter what people say to the contrary, means that in this life they will never be held accountable.

The latest appeal from Gregory Campbell to the ombudsman is I believe too little to late. The DUP threat to take action if they did not get the names of those who were given the letters and have them retracted never materialised.

Now we find ourselves with a one-sided justice system seeking to go after our security forces.

It seems that Sinn Fein/IRA only wants their members to be granted none prosecution but any security force members suspected of any crime be brought through the courts.

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How much unionists knew about the secret deal between Tony Blair, Peter Hain and Sinn Fein/IRA we may never know.

Sadly one thing seems sure, that those awaiting justice for their loved ones slain by republican terrorists are unlikely get justice for their loved ones.

John Mulholland, Doagh