Today’s big parade will celebrate the country we love, Northern Ireland, turning 100!

News Letter editorial on Saturday May 28 2022:

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Saturday, 28th May 2022, 2:25 am
Updated Saturday, 28th May 2022, 2:34 am
News Letter editorial
News Letter editorial

There has not been a parade like it since the 2012 Ulster Covenant centenary procession.

Tens of thousands of marchers will walk from Stormont to Belfast City Hall today to celebrate the centenary of Northern Ireland.

NI reached 100 last year but there have been few events to mark that remarkable milestone. There was no big parade then because of the Covid pandemic, and the highly responsible attitude of the loyal orders, who declined to have large gatherings, such as on July 12 2020.

The UK government should have done much more about the celebration of NI reaching its centenary. After all, there has been no shortage of clever pundits who have said our country would never last so long.

But the Orange Order and multiple bands have made their own arrangements to mark the centenary, and the crowds who turn out today to line the route will watch them as they make their way along the 4.5 mile distance.

Northern Ireland has so much to be proud of — a small country with a big presence and a fine history in science, commerce, manufacturing, sport and the arts.

The latest census has shown our population to be just shy of two million. It might soon break that barrier if people who have had to live overseas for work return now that they can use technology to work from home and enjoy the many benefits of living here.

Happy 100th Northern Ireland!