Tom Ekin: There is much to be fixed in Europe but that does not mean pulling it down

We forget that both the EU and Stormont were established as a least worst option to try to turn destruction into construction.

It is not the institutions that are the main problem (though they certainly are problems), it is the appalling lack of implementation of the dream of coherent progress, which is not wasteful, corrupt and totally self centred.

I don’t know any serious reasoning about pulling down Stormont even though it is hide bound, sectarian, inefficient and with mutually exclusive goals.

The reasoned arguments are about making it better. And it needs to quicker!

Why would people want to become “smaller” in a world where Russia is flexing its old colonialist ambitions, closely followed by China and maybe even North Korea; while US presidential aspirant Trump is becoming a bellicose isolationist with the expressed view that he could/would Nuke Europe; and of course anywhere else.

If this is the Brexit claim accusing me of using the Fear factor, circumspection is surely based upon observable fact.

Sir John Parker, this generation’s most successful and internationally regarded NI-born businessman echoes my thoughts. Look at who supports Brexit! Have they ever shown any positive thought? From the several English MPs to some local MLAs, to Boris Johnson (the man who is so close to everyone in government including his pal, the PM, yet he makes his mind up at the last minute when presumably he has known the facts for long enough). What are the career ambitions of these nay sayers?

There is much to be fixed in Europe. How about UK withholding some of its contribution until they reduce the money go round, until they have a properly accountable financial system, till they redund 20% of the employee costs?

Other countries seem to break the rules freely!

I live in optimistic hope,

Tom Ekin, Alliance member