Ukip and DUP should reject any skirmishes provoked by the SNP

As the malcontents inspiring the Scottish National Party push for a hard exit from the UK, we here cannot risk their party political peace process.

That the SNP would destroy the Union in favour of a crumbling ‘United States of Europe’ is the act of petulant children and foolish on their part for sure.

However it is alarming that they seem intent on sucking into their campaign Irish republicans.

Nicola Sturgeon is determined to destroy the UK. She will seek to attract allies from any dubious quarter to further her cause.

Irish republicans will no doubt find commonality with this dangerous sabre rattling call fuelling both ‘anti-British and anti-Brexit’ bile.

In the referendum contest, Ukip and the DUP were on the winning side.

In fact for me it was refreshing to have made history in two referendums during my lifetime so far, in supporting the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit.

It is therefore crucial that both parties make compelling contributions confirming the rejection of any unwanted skirmishes provoked by the SNP.

The DUP leadership which clearly had difficulties between its MPs and MLAs over Brexit, cannot be seen to weaken on the clear unequivocal views of Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley.

Equally I expect Martin McGuinness to act very responsibly by extracting Sinn Fein from any convergence with the SNP.

Public statements from both Mrs Foster and Mr McGuiness on the SNP campaign strategy are overdue.

David McNarry, Ukip Leader in Northern Ireland