We are hoping for progress to help Libya-IRA victims in the new year

Susanne Dodd, whose father Inspector Stephen Dodd was one of six people killed as he tried to evacuate the area has called on the government to honour a promise to seek payouts from Libya.

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

“He gave up his life to save the lives of many innocent people in this attack,” said Ms Dodd, aged seven at the time.

“I feel sad the UK Government dishonoured him and other victims killed and maimed by Gaddafi Semtex. It has been very distressing to know US [victims] received substantial compensation … and UK victims received nothing.”

The Foreign Office say the former foreign secretary appointed a special representative for UK victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism in March 2019.

At the Docklands Victims Association, we are hoping for progress in this matter in the new year.

Jonathan Ganesh, London