We suffered badly in Castlederg from the IRA and reject idea of pension for terrorists. The Victim Commissioner must go

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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Castlederg suffered grievously at the hands of Irish republican terrorists for three decades.

More than thirty people connected to the area were murdered by the IRA during its reign of terror.

Murder convictions were brought in just two of these cases.

Many of the families affected by IRA terror in Castlederg would benefit in very practical terms from a victims’ pension.

The actions of terrorists often left households without an income and many still suffer a variety of hardships today because of the criminal actions of others many years ago.

Unfortunately the Victims Commissioner’s proposals leave scope for the potential inclusion of terrorists injured though their own actions as recipients of the special pension for injured victims. As a result of this, those this group speaks for are determined it should not come at the cost of equating in any way innocent people with criminal terrorist godfathers, bombers and killers.

We shouldn’t have to remind someone in Ms Thompson’s position the sole purpose of those engaged in terrorism was to inflict hurt, pain and untimely death on other people.

This renders her position untenable and Derg Valley Victims’ Voice joins with others in the Innocent Victims United grouping in calling for her resignation.

Trevor Clarke, Derg Valley Victims’ Voice