Package delivered to NI police station not a bomb but bug repellent

At one time packages delivered to an NI police station may have sparked an evacuation but this week it was a welcome surprise.

By Carmel Robinson
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 12:03 pm
Package for M at Lurgan Police Station
Package for M at Lurgan Police Station

A fan of the PSNI Craigavon Facebook site was so concerned that local officers were being eaten alive by the May midges that she sent a parcel of insect repellent.

Curious officers did not alert the bomb squad when the parcel arrived at Lurgan Police Station earlier this week.

It had been addressed to popular police officer known as 'M and the midgie victims'. M is the officer who writes many of the comic Facebook posts on their site.

Package for M at Lurgan Police Station

Sent via Amazon, the note said: "Sorry to hear you were eaten by those midgies the other day. Better attach this to the toolbelt for next time.

"Cheers for keeping us all entertained with your crime busting banter. Scotland (Yup, all of it).

In response the PSNI's 'M' wrote: "There was a time when packages addressed to individual officers would have sparked an evacuation!

"Thankfully, it's now 2019, and packages addressed to individual officers spark nothing more than dogs abuse for me!

Midges in Dromore

"Thanks to Emma for her very thoughtful relief pack from across the water!

"It will certainly be put to use next time we're out and about with the mutant midges of Dromore Park!"

Just weeks ago the intrepid M posted a photo of a swarm of midges at Dromore while officers were out on patrol.

He said: "What are these midges in Dromore made of?! I'm being eaten alive!

"They clearly love the flavour of black coffee and jam doughnut.

"Whilst there were no crowds of youngsters causing annoyance tonight, fighting our way back to the car through that swarm was more than enough conflict for one night. Foot patrols were not one of my finest decisions today."