Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (July 28 1739): Rebellious negroes have been subdued in Jamaica

The Belfast News Letter of July 17 1739 (July 28 in the modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of July 17 1739 (July 28 in the modern calendar)
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From the July 17 1739 News Letter (July 28 modern date)


Extract of a letter from Port-Royal in Jamaica, dated April 23. 1739.

WE have a long time expected the London ships, which now come very thick; sugars are in their perfection, and the crop hath been very good, and promises well for the next. The wild Negroes are almost subdued, 200 of them under a captain called Cudjoe surrendered themselves upon articles to the governor, and the others will in all likelihood soon be reduced, with will make much for the advantage of this island.

‘Tis pleasing to us to see the magazines and forts here well supplied, and the government’s concerns well forwarded and taken care of, which enables us, in case of a war, to make such motions as will prove very great grievances to either Spaniards or French.


Great preparations are now making in town, for feasting, banqueting and other rejoicings which are to be this evening at the markethouse for the gentlemen, and at Mr. Banks’s house for the gentlewomen, on account of the birth of a son to the hon. John Chichester, Esq; brother to the right hon. the earl of Donnegal.

Yesterday a troop of Brigr. Hawley’s regiment of dragoons came to town off Dublin duty, and this morning march’d hence for Carrickfergus.


Since my last arrived the James and Margaret Mr. Boreland, from Irvine, with coals. ---- A scooner, Mr. Kemer, from Dantzick with wheat.

Notice is hereby given,

THAT a Cargo of BARLEY is just arrived from the North of Scotland, for making Meal, which will be sold, in tons and half Tons, on Friday next, the 20th Instant, by publick Cant, at the Weigh-House in Belfast, at 11 o’Clock in the Forenoon, and continue till all is sold. Likewise part of said Barley will be sold by Retail, at three Shillings per hundred, at the Cellars near the Weigh-House, belonging to Mr. Patrick Smith, where Attendance will be given.

Summer Assizes, 1739.


County of Westmeath at Mullingar August 13th.

Co of Longford at Longford August 20th.

Co of Cavan at Cavan August 23d.

Co of Fermanagh at Enniskillen August 28th.

Co of Donnegal at Lifford Sept. 5th.

City and County of Londonderry at Londonderry, Sept. 8th.

Lord Chief Justice Reynolds, Mr Justice Gove, Justices.


County of the Town of Drogheda at the Tholsel, August 13th.

Co. of Louth at Dundalk August 14th.

Co. of Down at Downpatrick August 18th.

Co. of Antrim at Carrickfergus August 24th.

Co. of the town of Carrickfergus at Carrickfergus same day.

Co. of Armagh at Armagh August 29th.

Co. of Monaghan at Monaghan Sept. 3d.

Co. of Meath at Trim Sept. 7th.

Lord Chief Justice Marlay, Mr. Justice Ward, Justices.