Snake ‘like a shoelace on steroids’ found by PSNI at Portadown bonfire

A snake, nabbed by police close to a Portadown bonfire, has been released from custody and returned to its owner.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 12:03 pm

The errant Carolina Corn Snake, described as like a ‘shoelace on steroids’ escaped on Monday night close to the bonfire in Killicomaine.

PSNI officers said they stopped to chat to a couple of ‘suspicious males in Ulsterville Park who said they had just reported that they had found a snake.

Brave officers did their best impression of Steve Irwin and nabbed the snake into an evidence bag before bringing it to Madd Pets & Reptiles on the Mahon Road.

Snake found in Portadown

Owner Davy Rooney said: “No one was in any danger. They are tiny but not poisonous.

“They are like shoelaces on steroids and well known escape artists. They can squeeze through tiny cracks,” said Davy, adding they are popular among snake owners in NI.

He said the snake has been returned to the owner. “It was found beside the bonfire in Killicomaine. It might have found its way into a sofa. Just as well it didn’t end up on top of the bonfire.”