St MacNissi’s Primary School dad Martin Connon writes special song for P7s

A Larne singer-songwriter has written a song to mark the big moment in the life of his daughter and her P7 classmates as they leave primary school.

Martin Connon has been writing original songs, both as a solo artist and in bands, for almost 20 years, and his songs have gained significant regional recognition and acclaim, as well as attention from national music media.

He has written in various genres, from pop to rock, to metal, to acoustic folk and dance. His current songs sit within the commercial rock/pop bracket, characterised by driving melodies and big, catchy choruses.

Martin’s songs have been aired live on Radio 1 and on BBC TV, and he has performed in various prestigious venues across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Larne singer-songwriter Martin Connon and his daughter Amber.

However, his latest work is truly from the heart as it marks the emotional occasion of his daughter Amber and her P7 classmates leaving St MacNissi’s Primary School and getting ready to go their separate ways to new schools in September.

“I wrote ‘I’m Here’ for my daughter and her class because I wanted to give them all something they could listen to if they feel down over the next few months about missing their friends, their school or if they’re worried about transitioning from primary to secondary school,” Martin said.

“I decided to capture their voices at this pivotal stage in their school lives and set them to a song they can listen to for years to come as a reminder of their resilience, their achievements, and that they are ‘here’, at this point in time.

“I hope this song will provide this group of children with some positivity and reassure them of their place in the world,” he added.

To make the recording even more significant to the St MacNissi’s P7 leavers, teacher Mrs O’Broin makes her own special appearance in the song.

Martin, who is primarily an artist in his own right, also ghost writes for pop artists.

Born in Larne, he moved to London in his 20s to further my music career and then returned to his home town to raise a family.

Like many P7 parents, he and his wife Sarah found lockdown challenging.

“We know that school children, parents and grandparents have had a hard time over the last 18 months, and home schooling has been challenging for many.

“For Amber it was the lack of in-person interaction with her friends that affected her the most.

“We also have another daughter, Isla, who is in P4 at St MacNissi’s, and she felt much the same as Amber throughout,” Martin said.

“During the pandemic, and especially given the uncertainty of the usual transfer process this year, everything has been that much more emotional and meaningful to this group of P7s.

“My wife and I did everything we could to help both our children through what has been a difficult time.

“It’s natural that, as parents, we should feel even more protective of our children than usual, and perhaps children leaving primary school are feeling that bit more anxious than they normally would,” he added.

‘I’m Here’ will be released on streaming platforms on July 9.