Petition to '˜stop pursuit of NI forces veterans'

Attorney General John Larkin. 

Picture by Jonathan Porter/Press EyeAttorney General John Larkin. 

Picture by Jonathan Porter/Press Eye
Attorney General John Larkin. Picture by Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

Over 7,200 people have signed an online petition urging the Attorney General for Northern Ireland to “Stop persecuting Northern Ireland Veterans”.

The petition, started by an individual named Nick Macdonald from the UK, says that the doctrine of Equality Under The Law is “a fundamental pillar of our freedoms and the absolute assurance of accountability”.

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It adds: “Over the years we have seen this principle eroded and, indeed, cast aside for political expediency. So-called Letters of Comfort have been issued to persons who are known to have committed the most obscene atrocities and those serving prison sentences for terrorism have been released having served minimal portions of their sentences.

“Now, British Veterans are being persecuted by the Northern Ireland authorities as part of the political settlement. This undermines and brings into disrepute the very doctrine of equality under the law. This shows that the blindfolded figure of Justice, holding the sword of Retribution and the scales of Equality, has become a whore, for sale to the highest bidder.”

The petition calls on the Attorney General John Larkin to withdraw the comfort letters to permit the prosecution of known terrorists and for the immediate return to prison of those released under the Good Friday Agreement; only after this should prosecutions begin against Armed Forces veterans who served in Northern Ireland.

Mr Larkin’s office declined to comment.

The petition can be seen at