Police appeal for missing elephant in Portadown

Police have issued one of their more unusual appeals - for an elephant missing from the Portadown area.

Now it’s not clear if the beast has packed its trunk and run away to the circus or perhaps some ‘Dumbo’ has stolen it for a laugh but police would very much like to return it to the owner.

Indeed they’ll be all ears for anyone who can help them.

Of course, and letting the facts stand in the way of a good story, the elephant in question is a delph garden ornament.

Police said, “We need your help with a theft of a unique item. At around 11.30am on Saturday, April 14, a black delph elephant ornament with brown stripes was stolen from the front of a property on Edward Street, Portadown.

“The elephant is of significant sentimental value to the owner who has had it for over 30 years!

“We would love to reunite them with this elephant. If you know who’s taken it, even if it was ‘just for a laugh’, then let’s do what we can to get it back. The incident number is 1177 of 18/04/18. If you see anything sold that looks similar, please contact us straight away.

“If it was you who took it, examine your conscience. For what may be a few quid sold on, you’ve left an owner distraught at the loss of an item of much more sentimental value than cash can ever buy.

“Get it back to them, hand it in to a local rep, or phone us and let us know where it is. Call 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”