Loyalist bonfire group 'instruct' Jamie Bryson to arrange 'urgent' meeting with Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon over Adam Street site

Loyalist activist, Jamie Bryson, has been "instructed" by an organisation calling itself the 'Tiger's Bay Bonfire Group' (TBBG) to seek an urgent meeting with Infrastructure Minister, Nichola Mallon, about a bonfire near Adam Street in North Belfast.

Mr. Bryson published the letter his organisation, JWB Consultancy, sent to Minister Mallon on Thursday afternoon.

In the letter, Mr. Bryson explicitly states that the TBBG is "willing to engage in an open and positive manner" and stresses how the group wants to find a "practical solution".

Mr. Bryson goes on to argue in the letter that the bonfire at the Adam Street site in North Belfast is covered by Articles 10 (expression) and 11 (association) of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The location of the bonfire has been condemned for being too close to the predominantly Catholic working class New Lodge area.

"There is no legitimate reason to interfere with the Article 10 and 11 rights of the cultural group on this basis.

"In light of the huge tension within the community - which the bonfire group are keen to work with you to resolve for the benefit of all - I would ask for a speedy response to the request of a meeting."

The Adam Street bonfire site.
Loyalist activist, Jamie Bryson, speaking at a recent anti-NI Protocol protest.
The Adam Street bonfire site.