Boris Johnson car crash - SUV smashes into back of PM's car after protester jumps in front of car

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been involved in a minor road traffic collision as the convoy he was travelling in left the Houses of Parliament in central London.

The collision occurred when a protester jumped in front of the Jaguar in which the prime minister was travelling in.

A Land Rover in the convoy collided with the rear of the prime minister's car.

There was a visible dent left on the rear of the prime minister's Jaguar.

There are no reports of any injuries.

The protester, who was there demonstrating against Turkey's actions against the Kurds, was detained by police.

There are no further details.

Clear damage to the PM's car.
The protester is wrestled to the ground by police.
The convoy as it left the Houses of Parliament for Downing Street.