DUP MLA raises query over NI town which ‘hasn’t had a parking ticket in a decade’

Concerns have been raised about the lack of tickets issued in a NI townConcerns have been raised about the lack of tickets issued in a NI town
Concerns have been raised about the lack of tickets issued in a NI town
A DUP MLA has queried why no parking tickets have been issued in Coalisland for a decade.

In a question to Department of Infrstructure Minister Nichola Mallon, Mid Ulster MLA Keith Buchanan asked how many Penalty Charge Notices for parking have been issued in Magherafelt, Maghera, Cookstown, and Coalisland, in each of the last three years.

The answer revealed that in Magherafelt more than 8,000 tickets had been issued, more than 3,500 in Cookstown and just over 100 in Maghera.

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The answer continued: “No Penalty Charge Notices were issued in Coalisand during this period.”

Mr Buchanan said: “These figures show that Coalisland remains parking ticket free. This answer combined with previous questions mean that traffic attendants appear not to have issued a single parking enforcement in Coalisland for more than a decade

“Following publicity, there was at least one patrol in the town in 2016 when two warning notices were issued. At the time the Department said ‘this was the final patrol in which warning notices were to be issued instead of Penalty Charge Notices’.

“Having been placed on a ‘final warning’ in 2016, not a single enforcement notice has been issued since that time.

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“Clearly no tickets can be issued if no patrols have taken place so I will be seeking further detail around the number of patrols within Coalisland over this period.”

A DfI spokesperson said: “Traffic Attendants (TAs) are routinely deployed to areas with the greatest need for enforcement.

“Coalisland is not patrolled on a routine basis because there are very few parking restrictions in the town and experience demonstrates that when visited there has been no enforcement action required.

“Coalisland has approx. 400 metres of restrictions compared to Cookstown which has approx. 8,000 metres of restrictions.

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“Although Coalisland is not routinely patrolled by TAs the Department will continue to respond to requests for enforcement, when the need arises, or when requested and resources are available.”

“There have been no PCNs issued in Coalisland by the Department.”