ELECTION 2022: WATCH – Despite our differences unionists must unite against ‘destroyers of Northern Ireland’ says Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson has said that no matter the differences he may have with more liberal unionists, it is important to work together to oppose those who are “determined to destroy Northern Ireland”.

By Adam Kula
Saturday, 7th May 2022, 5:15 pm
Updated Saturday, 7th May 2022, 5:15 pm

Mr Wilson made the comments to the News Letter, as votes were still being counted Province-wide.

One of the recurring themes from the DUP heirachy in the past 24 hours has been that of unionist unity – although what that means exactly is still unclear (see this interview with Sir Jeffrey Donaldson in which he shies away from the idea of actually merging parties).

Asked how, as a traditionalist DUP member, he would fit into a combined unionist party alongside pro-choice and leftist-leaning unionists, he said: “I think in the face of a party which is determined to destroy Northern Ireland, it’s important unionists work together.

PACEMAKER, BELFAST, 6/5/2022: DUP leader, Jeffrey Donaldson at the Northern Ireland Assembly elections count at Jordanstown. The North, South and East Antrim constituencies plus Lagan Valley and North Down are being counted there. With DUP MP Sammy Wilson PICTURE BY STEPHEN DAVISON

“And if unionists had been working together and had been approaching this election the way in which I believe, and Jeffrey believes, we should’ve been approaching it, Sinn Fein wouldn’t have had a look in as being the biggest party.”

Even with the final result unknown, there has been chatter about the idea of a three-party Alliance / Sinn Fein / DUP government.

But key to any government being formed, said Mr Wilson, if “the poison of the Protocol is removed”.

He said under the Protocol about 60% of laws in Northern Ireland will be imposed by the EU.


“Now I don’t care what party a politician comes from,” he said. “If they’ve any dignity they’d want to see that change, and they should be really joining with us.”

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