General Election 2019: the latest odds for Northern Ireland constituencies

NI goes to the polls next month for the third UK General Election in four years.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 10:56 am

Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn are the chief contenders to enter Number 10, with the leader of the Conservatives fancied by the bookies at 1/4 to emerge as the country’s leader in the early hours of December 13.

Corbyn is less fancied at 5/2, while the leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson, who earlier this month made the audacious claim that she was “Britain’s next Prime Minister'' is an outsider, with odds of 33/1.

At the last General Election the Democratic Unionist Party claimed 10 of 17 available Northern Ireland constituencies, while one independent unionist candidate claimed another and Sinn Fein claimed the remaining seven. The seven Sinn Fein MPs did not take their seats in parliament following the 2017 General Election.

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NI goes to the polls on December 12 (Getty Images)

Tactical voting looks set to play a big part in the 2019 General Election with Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance all working closely together to unseat some of the 10 DUP MPs

Latest odds predict that the DUP will claim nine seats, Sinn Fein six and the SDLP two, while the seat of Belfast North has been deemed too close to call.

The battle for Belfast constituencies

Bookies are currently calling the competition for Belfast North too close to call with both the DUP and Sinn Fein rated at 5/6 to claim the seat.

The DUP are slight favourites to claim Belfast East at 4/11 with the SDLP their nearest opposition at 15/8.

Belfast West, a traditional Sinn Fein seat will in all likelihood stay in the hands of the party who are 1/200 favourites.

The SDLP are backed at 1/6 to clinch Belfast South which is currently held by the DUP who are rated at 13/2 to retain the seat, behind the Allian Party who have been slapped with odds of 11/2.

Foyle and South Antrim pivotal

Both Foyle and South Antrim are predicted to be tight affairs.

The bookies are predicting a struggle between the DUP and the UUP for the Unionist vote in South Antrim, DUP are slight favourites at 4/6 to retain the seat, while the UUP hold slightly longer odds of 7/4.

Tactical voting will be put aside for the seat of Foyle with Sinn Fein and the SDLP both in contention to claim the seat. The currently seatless SDLP are 1/3 favourites to win the seat, while Sinn Fein are backed at 2/1.

Full list of NI odds

Belfast East: DUP (4/11), Alliance Party (15/8), UUP (50/1), NI Conservatives (50/1)

Belfast North: Sinn Fein (5/6), DUP (5/6), Alliance (66/1)

Belfast South: SDLP (1/6), Alliance (11/2), DUP (13/2), NI Conservatives (125/1), UUP (125/1)

Belfast West: Sinn Fein (1/200), DUP (100/1), Alliance (100/1), SDLP (100/1)

East Antrim: Sinn Fein (1/200), DUP (100/1) Alliance (100/1), SDLP (100/1)

East Londonderry: DUP (1/100), SDLP (66/1), SInn Fein (66/1), UUP (100/1), Alliance (100/1), NI Conservatives (100/1)

Fermanagh & South Tyrone: Sinn Fein (1/4), UUP (5/2), SDLP (100/1), Alliance (100/1), Green (100/1)

Foyle: SDLP (1/3), Sinn Fein (2/1), Alliance (100/1), DUP (100/1)

Lagan Valley: DUP (1/200), Alliance (20/1), UUP (50/1), NI Conservatives (100/1), SDLP (100/1), Sinn Fein (100/1)

Mid Ulster: Sinn Fein (1/100), DUP (33/1), SDLP (100/1), UUP (100/1), Alliance (100/1)

Newry & Armagh: Sinn Fein (1/100), DUP (33/1), SDLP (66/1), Alliance (100/1), UUP (100/1)

North Antrim: DUP (1/200), UUP (33/1), Sinn Fein (50/1), Alliance (66/1), SDLP (100/1)

North Down: DUP (1/2), Alliance (2/1), UUP (7/1), Green (50/1), SDLP (100/1), NI Conservatives (100/1)

South Antrim: DUP (4/6), UUP (7/4), Alliance (4/1), Sinn Fein (100/1), SDLP (100/1)

South Down:Sinn Fein (1/5), SDLP (3/1), Alliance (60/1), DUP (66/1), UUP (100/1)

Strangford: DUP (1/50), SDLP (20/1), ALliance (20/1), Sinn Fein (100/1), UUP (100/1)

Upper Bann: DUP (1/7), UUP (11/2), Sinn Fein (15/2), SDLP (100/1), Alliance (100/1)

West Tyrone: Sinn Fein (1/200), DUP (50/1), Alliance (50/1), SDLP (66/1), UUP (66/1)