Jim Allister: Vote TUV 1 and then transfer to other pro-Union parties

TUV leader Jim Allister has urged unionist voters today not to “waste their vote” giving their first preferences to those that partnered Sinn Fein in government.

• Scroll down to see a correction to a print edition story about the TUV

Mr Allister said if voters wanted to stand up to Sinn Fein they should vote TUV 1.

The North Antrim candidate also called on voters to continue to vote down the ballot for other unionists after TUV.

TUV leader Jim Allister giving a speech during the TUV manifesto launch last month.

He said: “If you want to be sure your first preference vote won’t be used to enthrone Sinn Fein, then don’t waste your vote on parties that won’t tell you if they will be Sinn Fein’s bridesmaid. Rather vote TUV 1 in the sure and certain knowledge that if in the position to do so, we will unashamedly block a Sinn Fein First Minister, by refusing to nominate a deputy.

“If you want the loudest and clearest on the iniquitous Protocol, then don’t waste your first preference vote on those who were accepting of a regulatory border in the Irish Sea and who built and still operate the shameful Poots Posts. Vote instead No 1 TUV, the party that has called it right from day one and led the fight.”

He has advised unionist voters throughout the election campaign that after giving TUV first preference, they should vote for pro-Union parties in order of their choice.

The TUV leader described the election as “vital” for unionism and that for far too long unionists were “on the back foot”.

He said: “Now is the time to fight back. Voting for the same again will bring more of the same. The same rollover and concessions which has weakened unionism at every turn. The same selfish preference for power over principle. It’s time for unionism to stand firm.”

Mr Alllister added that voters should give the TUV first preference because they will “resist Sinn Fein all the time, not just at election time”.

He asked voters to “strengthen my hand by joining the unionist fightback at the polls through voting TUV 1”.

The TUV has called on unionist voters to continue to vote down the ballot for other pro-Union parties in order of their preference after they give his party number one.

He has also stressed the importance of the “total unionist vote for ALL pro-Union parties.”

• In the print edition of today’s News Letter, we wrongly stated that Mr Allister “had urged pro-Union supporters not to ‘waste their vote’ giving a second, third, fourth preference to those parties who ‘won’t tell if they will be Sinn Fein’s bridesmaid’ if the republican party emerges as the largest political force after votes are counted”.

This was an editorial error. We not only accept that it was incorrect, but that Mr Allister has consistently called for unionists to transfer to other unionist candidates after voting TUV 1. Indeed, we have welcomed such calls in our editorials.

We apologise to Mr Allister for the error.

As stated in this web article, the TUV’s position is clearly for voters to vote TUV number one, and then continue to vote down the ballot paper for other pro-Union parties in order of their preference.