Loyalists stage more Irish Sea border protests

Loyalist protesters were on the streets of Bangor in Co Down on Monday night as anti-NI Protocol activity continued.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 6:50 am
Loyalist anti-NI Protocol protest in Bangor on Monday

Jamie Bryson posted a number of images of the protests on social media – saying the peaceful demonstrations, calling for the removal of the “violence-rewarding Protocol,” were well supported.

The loyalist activist praised the organisers and compared the police response to the funeral of republican Bobby Storey in west Belfast las June.

Mr Bryson said; “Peaceful protest in Kilcooley tonight! Well done all.

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“There were more PSNI officers and evidence gathering trucks in Bangor tonight at a peaceful loyalist protest than there was at the 10,000 strong IRA show of strength at the Storey funeral.

“Two tier policing isn’t perception, it is reality.”

Earlier in the evening, Mr Bryson tweeted: “It is important the entire PUL family comes together to ensure (peacefully) maximum political & societal instability as part of the campaign against the violence-rewarding Protocol.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Mr Bryson’s Unionist Voice blog, DUP MP Ian Paisley jnr said the Irish government had a choice to make whether they want to be “friends or foes”.

In the same online article, the North Antrim MP also sets out the DUP’s plan for engagement with the loyalist community.