Northern Ireland a victim of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s inconsistencies and broken promises over Protocol: DUP MP Sammy Wilson

DUP chief whip Sammy Wilson has described the people of Northern Ireland as “victims” of the Prime Minister’s “inconsistencies and promises made and promises broken” over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

By PA Reporter
Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 12:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 12:27 pm

However, Mr Wilson said he hopes MPs can now “get focussed on things that the Government should be doing” in the wake of last night’s confidence vote, which Boris Johnson won by 211 to 148.

The DUP MP said of the protocol that “we are on the cusp on getting some of those issues addressed and I want to see that happening” but that the DUP “will only have faith when we actually see the legislation through the House of Commons. We’ve had these promises before.”

“We’ve been victims of his inconsistencies and of promises made and promises broken, but he is the Prime Minister, he is the one the Conservative Party has chosen to lead the Government, and all we want to do is make sure that, one, he does his job, and two, no impediments are put in his way of doing that job.”

DUP MP Sammy Wilson

Mr Wilson told PA news agency: “I was a bit surprised at the size of the vote against the Prime Minister but I just hope now that the vote has been taken, people have had the chance to have their say and we can now get focused on things that the Government should be doing.”

He added: “It’s an internal issue within the Conservative Party so it’s none of my business, you could argue, but it is some of my business when it distracts from the kind of things that my constituents send me here to do, to encourage the Government to act on, and if the internal disputes within the Conservative Party are stopping that happening then of course it’s right to say something about it.”

Earlier today, Mr Wilson declined to say whether his party backs Prime Minister Boris Johnson, insisting his leadership is an internal matter for the Conservative Party.

“What the country needs and what we need is an effective Prime Minister and a Prime Minister who has a vision for how he takes the country through the current difficulties,” he told BBC Radio Ulster.

“I think the vote last night is going to make it more difficult for him to command the control and respect in his own party, but that’s something which the Conservatives have to deal with. We will work with whoever the Prime Minister happens to be.”

Mr Wilson said he understands the Cabinet has yet to make a decision over legislation which would override sections of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He expressed concern that events in London are “distracting from the main business of government”.

“Our main concern is to have a Prime Minister who is in charge and who can drive these things through,” Mr Wilson said.

“Whilst he is weakened and whilst there are divisions and whilst people may see an opportunity to displace him, then the real business of government is always going to be disrupted.”