Paula Bradshaw: DUP now can’t get enough votes to win South Belfast

Alliance has been clear throughout that while we welcome cooperation with other Remain parties, we have a distinct and clear vision to move on from orange and green politics, towards something which actually works for people.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 1:45 pm
Paula Bradshaw

Other parties who are less confident in their own message are engaging in tactical pacts designed to further their own self-interest.

This does, however, have a fortunate consequence here in South Belfast — the DUP cannot possibly now get enough votes to benefit from a split in the Remain candidates’ vote.

So the choice is now simple — do you want same old same old politics of the past, or the new politics of a united Alliance team confident enough to offer its progressive, pro-European and inclusive vision to everyone?

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Letter to the editor

Paula Bradshaw MLA

Alliance, South Belfast