Sammy Wilson confronts Boris Johnson over new restrictions - ‘the first two lockdowns didn’t work, are you hoping for third time lucky?’

Sammy WilsonSammy Wilson
Sammy Wilson
DUP MP Sammy Wilson has strongly criticised lockdown measures introduced across the UK - telling the Prime Minister that similar measures have failed in the past.

New Covid regulations are being introduced across the UK this week as the number of cases has risen sharply.

But speaking in the House of Commons today, the East Antrim MP warned that the new measures would cause economic devastation and harm children’s education.

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Speaking during Prime Minister’s Question Time Mr Wilson said: “For the third time in nine months the Government has introduced a damaging lockdown policy which we know will case thousands of businesses to go bankrupt, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, damage children’s education, lead the national debt to soar and remove basic liberties from people which we expect in a free democracy.

“All because the Government says we need to suppress the virus, protect the National Health Service and to protect the vulnerable.

“Since these objectives were not acheived by the first two lockdowns, why does the Prime Minister believe it will be achieved this time?

“Is there some firm evidence for this, or is the Government just hoping it will be third time lucky?”