'Take his name out of your mouth' Westminster comment by Claire Hanna defended by SDLP

The SDLP has defended South Belfast MP Claire Hanna for demanding that DUP MP Carla Lockhart stop referencing John Hume in the latter's speech to parliament this week.

By Henry McDonald
Thursday, 19th May 2022, 11:37 am
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2022, 12:12 pm

Ms Lockhart was told to "take his name out of your mouth" by the SDLP MP during the debate in the House of Commons on government plans to change the Northern Ireland Protocol on Tuesday.

Defending his DUP colleague, Sammy Wilson MP said "Unionists won't sit in the corner and be quiet" in deference to the SDLP or Sinn Fein.

In response an SDLP Spokesperson said: “Like many people, we had to do a double-take to make sure this statement was from the real Sammy Wilson and not a parody account. No one with any sense of our history can take seriously the DUP’s attempt to invoke John Hume to justify their repeated failings around Brexit and building a shared future.

“No one has put the DUP in the corner except themselves, by refusing to share power on behalf of everyone here. As we have always been, the SDLP is ready to work with all parties to improve life for everyone here and hope the DUP will follow suit and start putting people here before their own self-interest.”

Mr Wilson had said the SDLP had converted to "majoritarianism" and were no longer committed to the type of power sharing John Hume had championed.

Carla Lockhart speaks out in the House of Commons