The Twelfth: Permission to use Belfast demonstration field

Permission has been given by Belfast City Council to use Barnett Demesne in south Belfast on the Twelfth.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 2:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 2:09 pm
Twelfth, Belfast, 2019

The venue has been the typical assembly point for the city’s marchers in recent years.

The chief executive of the council had approved in principle the granting of permission, and the matter was due to come before the late-night meeting of the council yesterday.

DUP group leader Brian Kingston – who is a member of Glencairn Loyal Orange Lodge 1242 (as well as a member of the Royal Black Preceptory) – indicated that it is likely councillors would affirm the decision to grant permission at last night’s meeting.

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He told the News Letter: “We’re now allowed 500 people can gather outside for an event.

“Obviously whilst that might cover the number on parade, there’s issues about spectators.

“It may be that the parade is broken into different districts and some are able to go the traditional route.

“But I welcome that the request for the use of Barnet Demensne has gone in as normal.

“I think that’s what reps are trying to do, at least make their preparations.”

He said it is expected the NI Executive will meet on June 10 to consider whether the current restrictions on gatherings are extended or eased.

The documents for last night’s council meeting state that the granting of permission to use Barnett Demesne are “subject to an appropriate legal agreement being prepared by legal services”.

It also noted that permission was being sought to use the Cenotaph at City Hall for a service of remembrance and wreath laying.